Anxious yet?

Palms sweaty, heavy breathing, shaking, crying, no not sex, anxiety.

Panic attacks are no joke people. When I tell you I can’t breathe I mean it. The first one I had was in Spain. I was away from my parents, across the country for the first time. Of course I’d have a panic attack.

I spent that trip scared out of my mind and anxious alll the time. It just got worse from there. I still get panic attacks. I still worry all the time. Don’t bother telling me not to worry because it’s not going to help. I’ll worry more.

I can only speak of myself but I know having someone hold me tight and just sit with me helps decrease the pain. The worry. The anxiousness.

This blog may not be much to some but to others it could help you. Just be aware of your friends, family, and loved ones. Listen to what they need when their panic attacks come up. Don’t try to fix them, as hard as it may be. They most likely need you to support them.

Peace and love ✌🏻💕

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