What happens when you don’t feel like your enough..?

Do you ever question your worth? Weather or not you deserve where you’ve gotten or what you’ve got? The answer is probably yet maybe once or twice right? Try it being a daily thought. Every day you ask yourself those questions, feeling worthless and horrible.

That’s my every day. Everyday I push and push to give everyone 100%. What am I left with? Negative numbers that’s what. I drain myself to make sure I’m enough for my boyfriend, my family, my job, my school. Why would someone do that you ask?

I need to feel wanted, need to feel like I belong, that I’m enough. I get told I’m enough all the time. I get thanks and I appreciate yous. I still don’t feel like I’m enough. I push and push and push until I’m at my breaking point. And then I crash and I crumble all around me. I’m a lump of nothing and honestly want to crawl in a hole. That’s how I grew up and it’s how I still am today. I don’t like making mistakes because it pushes me that much more and knocks me down quicker.

Yes mistakes are good for you I get that, they are what make you a better person. For me it does that but it kills me inside too.

So if you sit there daily and tell yourself you aren’t enough you think you aren’t enough I’m here with you, for you. Come talk to me or anyone! Don’t feel like you’re alone.

Peace and love ✌🏻💕

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