Down days

Some days you wake up happy and bubbly and not a care in the world. Other days you wake up feeling worthless and like nothing can go right. I have more of the latter days.

Today I wake up for my night shift and I automatically feel like crap. I feel a panic attack coming on and I just want to cry. All within a couple minutes of waking up! I didn’t even have time to think it just was. Of course I text Terry telling him I need him. He’s my rock my one thing that gets me through my bad days.

I take my medicine and I try to go on with my day. I try to be happy I try to have a happy face. Most times it doesn’t work. You can tell I’m just not myself. Get me around my kiddos though and I’m great. I love my kids and their faces really do make my day brighter.

Those bad feelings never really go away. They don’t get better. I try. I really do. But no matter what I do or how hard I try it just doesn’t work. I always feel anxious even in familiar situations. It’s not easy it never will be easy. But I just keep going every day. Trying my hardest to make it through to make it another 24 hours around the sun.

I’m here for you friends if you need a shoulder.

Peace and love ✌🏻💕

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