Go suck it multiple sclerosis..

Well guys, I wish I wasn’t typing this. Heck I wish it was never a think in my family. Dad’s multiple sclerosis relapsed or something again and we are now in the hospital unable to really do anything waist down. For those that don’t know MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the myelin sheath in your nerves. We’ve been living with it in our family for probably over ten years now. And this is the worst it’s been.

Guys I’ve seen my dad in so many different moods highs and lows. We started plasma pheresis today and crossing our fingers that it does something. Statistics are it helps 3-4 out of 10 MS patients. Not the greatest odds but we are holding on to that hope.

This week I’ve been dealing with not sleeping, getting diagnosed with an eating disorder, my dad progressively getting worse, and trying to keep up with school and work. I woke up from a nap Sunday to missed calls from my mom and I automatically knew something was wrong.

I feel helpless, I feel beaten down. I just want my dad back. I don’t like seeing people cry but it’s another thing when it’s your dad crying because he’s worried what if this is my life now? Such an independent man turned dependent. It’s not pretty.

Because of covid, my mom and I are switching out staying with him during the day but we can’t stay the night with him. Neither one of us is sleeping at night, I’m always half awake waiting for the phone to ring, as I’m the first line to call since I’m closer. We feel defeated and beaten down.

We all cry daily and my mom even forgot it was her birthday this Thursday until she got a card from her brother and flowers from friends. We are so worried about my dad yet he is more worried about us half the time. Forever he will be who I look up to.

Guys, I just ask for prayers for my family, prayers, well wishes, anything at this point. As dad says he needs all he can get right now. I bless all my friends and family who have been here for us during all of this. It is so much appreciated.

Peace and love friends.

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