Therapy.. why is it always time for a cry.

Monday I had my first therapy session in about 2 years. I was nervous, scared, and really tired. I had just come off 3 night shifts and had slept maybe an hour before I left to go. When I tell you I wasn’t emotional going in there I’m not kidding, I was just tired. All she said to me was can you just tell me about yourself. All I got out was “I have a younger sister..” and I started crying like alligator tears. I felt ridiculous. Needless to say I spent the whole time in there crying, but it felt good. I went home and slept 7 hours 😂

I am so excited to go back next week and keep telling her about myself. I know this is what I needed and I’m glad I took that step. Next up is getting a psychiatrist. Funny story, my PCP gave me a referral to a Doctor I work with. 😂 sorry won’t be going to see them.

I’m just ready for more normalcy. I want to see Terry more. Spend more time with my family. Heck I haven’t actually spent more than a couple hours with Terry in about 9 days. Between working night shifts and being at my parents for almost a week we just haven’t seen each other. And I miss that. It’s literally a I’ll see you when I see you kind of thing.

Not much of an update for you this time but I’m hoping as the weeks go on I’ll have more.

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