It’s been awhile…

I feel like it’s been months on months since I’ve wrote. So much has been happening. New diagnoses, new puppy, adjustment. A lot.

I started seeing a psychiatrist and discovered I hit all the criteria for borderline personality disorder and PTSD. To say I was surprised was an understatement. I felt embarrassed, and worried of what people would think. I felt stupid for not seeing it myself. After her telling me the criteria I saw it, abandonment issues, quick mood changes, among other things. The PTSD I wasn’t too shocked about.

Within a couple weeks we picked up Nova, our super adorable puppy. I automatically saw my mood changing, her cuddles lifted my sadness, how quick she was comfortable with Terry and I. The one downfall was my lack of sleep especially working night shift.

I’ve also started taking an injection to help with my weight loss. I’m on two months of it and haven’t done horrible. It’s the first medication that’s actually helped with my binge eating disorder. And I’ve lost some weight too. It’s still a struggle but I’m getting there. My clothes are fitting differently, others see a difference in my appearance.

I’m working on a lot, and trying to figure some things out. I think I’m doing okay. And mine and Terry’s relationship has never been better. 💕

Until next time friends.

One thought on “It’s been awhile…

  1. Obviously I have no idea what the correct diagnosis is in your case, side by side BPD and PTSD diagnoses seems to me like an argument why the DSM should differentiate complex PTSD from standard PTSD, and capture that trauma/attachment picture in one diagnosis.


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