Be aware of your words… ears are meant for hearing.

I hate that I’m sitting here writing this blog. I hate that I even had to be in this situation to begin with. The plus side of this instance is that it will better myself in career.

Yesterday I punched a wall. Literally. It was fine I went about my day. My anxiety and depression has been sky high the past few days. Well I come to my parents today and I’m trying to nap with the dog and my hand just is not having it. So swollen painful can’t move it. So off to the ER I go.

You know those questions they ask when you come in? Do you feel safe at home and do you feel like harming yourself or others? Well for the first time since any of my mental struggle I answered yes to harming myself. No, I didn’t want to kill myself and no I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t want to take pills I just wanted to hurt to feel better. I know how the medical field is when they hear those words though and she said you know I have to keep the door open which I did. That’s fine I don’t mind that part. Here’s the part that got me.

She walks out and tells a couple people that they need a certain room for a “suicidal”. Loud enough that someone walking the halls can hear, I can hear, someone coming to registration can hear. I hear another voice annoyed say are you serious? And something about I thought it was just a hand? Another voice that calls and says we need a sitter. All loud enough I can hear loud enough that I cry harder.

I knew one of those nurses. I know she went to the same school I did (disadvantages of a small town). They came in and said we will go to this room now. I sit in there and after the doctor comes to talk to me I guess it was determined that I wasn’t at risk of needing a sitter because no one showed up. But you know what showed up? Embarrassment, self hate, self loathing, annoyance.

I made sure they knew I was a nurse (well graduate nurse but still) that I was working with mental health and I know what the protocols are. I made sure they knew I was not happy with them. You got mmhmm and yups and no’s. You come and talk about me like it’s a burden behind my back, don’t expect me to open up. I just wanted a dang x-ray.

They teach us in school how to appropriately speak to patients in this situation and how to properly talk at the nurses station with something like this. I’ve been conscious of this from the get go before I even started school. I felt disrespected, judged, looked down upon, all because my mental status wasn’t good. Luckily all it was was bruised but it was just my hand leaving bruised, it was my ego, my heart, and more importantly the way I viewed myself.

Do you know what I’ve been doing since I got back to my parents? Eating quietly, sitting quietly, yet yelling at the dog because she keeps crying to sit in my lap. Yelling at my parents because they said something incorrect. Mumbling under my breath at something on T.V because they said the wrong thing. Holding back tears that I didn’t think were still in my body after the amount I’ve already cried.

Keep in mind people who are fighting battles you know nothing about. They have ears that are made for hearing. No peace and love tonight folks, just plain disappointment.